Pentathlon? So that’s running? Er, swimming? Er…

A conversation that is all too familiar to those of use who like to run, swim, ride, shoot and fence and then add up the points and hope that it is more than the last time we gave it our best shot. Pardon the pun.

‘Modern’ Pentathlon is not an especially modern concept any longer, being based on all the skills a liason officer would need to successfully deliver a message across enemy territory. However it remains a great all round test of mettle as you require speed, strength, stamina and skill in roughly equal measure to be successful. One of the bonuses of a multi sport event is that at least one phase is going to be a success, or at least better than expected.

Amidst the recent sporting successes of Great Britain’s athletes lies a World Junior Modern Pentathlon Champion in Francesca Summers, as well as a team gold medal for the ladies at the European Championships.

A natural progression on from Pony Club Tetrathlon, athletics or swimming Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club (CUMPC) are on the lookout for new recruits. However, don’t worry if there are one or more parts that you have yet to try. Many people take up the sport having only given one or two a go previously and immensely enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of perfecting a new skill.

I’m Hannah Clifford, the CUMPC Ladies Captain for 2015-2016, and I’m trying to get more people involved in modern pentathlon. Many of our current members (including myself) joined the club having never even heard of pentathlon and “I wish I’d discovered this earlier” is an all too common complain. I’m sure that by simply spreading the word we’ll be able to widen participation so I’ll be writing a weekly blog over the coming year.