Why do one sport when you can do five?

Freshers' Week 2022

Sports fair

Freshers' fair

Upcoming events

Taster sessions

The first two weeks of training are completely free! Come to whatever training session you want (see training timetable below) and get to know the sport and the club 🙂


What better way to end our two weeks of free taster sessions than with a taster competition? 

Cuppers will be held on Sunday October 23rd and comprises of fencing followed by the combined event (running and shooting), so people can get to know the competition format and, most of all, have a lot of fun!

Novice Varsity

Many people’s first real taste of competing. Novice Varsity is a tetrathlon competition (without horse riding) against our rivals at Oxford. This year it will be held in Cambridge on Saturday November 12th, with the competition held during the day and a dinner and night out to celebrate afterwards.

What is Modern Pentathlon?

Modern Pentathlon is an Olympic and Full Blue sport
comprising running, swimming, shooting, fencing and show jumping.
We have a wide range of abilities – anyone is welcome to join us whether they have never done any of the sports before or are a seasoned pentathlete.


Epée fencing, one hit only!

Laser run

4x800m running with 10m laser shooting in between (similar to skiing biathlon).


200m freestyle.

Horse riding

1m10 show jumping on borrowed horses.

Pentathlon in Cambridge

Weekly training

We train for all 5 sports every week during term time. Details are in the weekly email but a general timetable can be found below.

Training camps

You can find more details about these trips on the blog.


Many fun competitions leading to Varsity against Oxford.


A lot of socials!

You can follow the club on Instagram to learn more about it.

Training timetable (2022-23)







Strength & Conditioning




City Fencing








sign-up sheets for Riding lessons are published on a weekly basis, with multiple slots available every week

Meet the committee

I joined CUMPC in 2021 as one of those rare fresher pentathletes, and at 17 became quite possibly the youngest ever Varsity competitor. Coming from a background in competitive swimming (but having quit due to a broken ankle three years before coming to uni), I wanted to get back into the sport while also trying out something new - pentathlon provided the perfect solution! I’ve discovered a newfound love for stabbing people with swords and even managed to slightly diminish my hatred of running. CUMPC has been such a supportive and welcoming environment, and the small size of the club means we’re all super close. As President, my main roles are to organise large events such as Novice Varsity, liaise with the Sports Service/Old Blues/Oxford, keep track of the club’s admin and act as a primary point of contact. My aim is to make sure the club runs as smoothly as possible and to make new members feel as welcome as I did last year!

Anniko Firman


I joined CUMPC in my first year at university 2 years ago on a bit of a whim; I’d never heard of the sport until the Freshers Fair, but having previously ridden for a while as a child, and having done a bit of triathlon (socially) in my gap year before university I thought it might fit the bill perfectly. I signed up to lots of new clubs and just happened to love Pent. It was the perfect sport, helping me keep my fitness up, learning new skills and meeting new people, and uni seemed like the perfect place to try something new. Even during COVID, when there was very little going on, CUMPC was a really nice social form of sport to look forward to and I have loved the club ever since. I co-captained the club last year too, and this year I am really excited to co-captain with Katie. We’ve got a really great committee with loads of fun ideas - we’re hoping to have a fab year and smash Oxford at Varsity. Our goal is to make training fun and accessible to all, so let us know if you have any questions!

Pops Steel

Women’s Co-Captain

I finally joined CUMPC in 2021 after wanting to get back into it since I had done a bit of Tetrathlon at school. I originally came to the sport via the horsey route as an eventer and used running to keep fit for the horses. At first I was a bit apprehensive about getting back into swimming and learning how to fence but I got such a warm welcome from the club and being a complete beginner at any or all of the sports didn’t matter one bit! Pops and I are in charge of training and encouraging the woman’s side so everyone can reach their full potential, give Oxford a run for their money and have a blast in the process.

Katie Riley

Women’s Co-Captain

I came to CUMPC as a trained Modern Pentathlete, having attended academy training at Hartpury College and as a Whitgift alumnus (who seem to have a lengthy tradition of Varsity appearances for both shades of Blue!) I was greeted by an overwhelmingly welcoming and committed training environment with lots of opportunities for coaching but also friendly flexibility, as I am also a member of the University fencing blues team (a traitor amongst us, I know). It’s been fantastic getting to know the squad, who now feel like a family (mostly bonded through the shared pain of early morning swimming sessions and veterinary medicine). Having trained with the club for a year now it has been a pleasure to see the friendly atmosphere combined with a firm hand in training, building a strong camaraderie amongst the team - I hope to build on that in my capacity as Mens Captain this year. With my sights (shooting pun I know… sue me) set on another varsity victory for the team and hopefully individually, let’s see if we can do what we do best and crush the dark blues! I look forward to welcoming the new freshers and sharing the best club in Cambridge with you all 🙂

Rudi Bruijn-Yard

Men’s Captain

I joined CUMPC last February ‘22 after being poached at a swimming social. I am originally a competitive swimmer and enjoy open water swimming and water polo. I used to ride during summer holidays when I was younger and the challenge of learning to ride again is what appealed to me. I am a part time masters student, I work full time, and the rest of my time I fill with as many extra curricular activities as possible. As one of the Vice Presidents and older members, I hope to encourage complete beginners, older students and part time students to try Pentathlon because we are a relaxed club and a supportive community to be part of. We have experienced people who can help others learn. The club offers the opportunity to learn new skills at a reduced rate and to embrace the challenges each of the individual sports brings.

Georgina Quayle


This is my 5th year as a CUMPC member, having joined the club in the first year of my undergraduate degree and continuing during my time as a graduate-entry medical student. I was very uncertain about what I wanted to do when I started university, and CUMPC let me try many new sports at once. I am so glad I got involved with the club, and I especially enjoy spending time with pentathletes whether we’re training, competing or just hanging out. As Vice-President and an older club member, I help out with day-to-day running of the club, advising younger committee members, and coaching novices.

Tads Ciecierski-Holmes


After breaking my ankle in a cycling accident, I wanted to improve my fitness, make new friends and do something more than just ride horses (and not particularly well). Lucy gets the blame for me joining pent, as I didn’t even know it existed before she told me she was going to try it! I tagged along and found some of the most welcoming people I’ve met here (perhaps because everyone has a weak sport, although in my case it’s all five…) I love the social aspects of the club and trying to catch up to my friends has been encouraging me to get fitter all year. It’s been really nice to track my progress over the year from the starting point of being unable to run or swim the distance at all. I wanted to join the committee to help support the club as it’s made such a difference to my experience of Cambridge, as one of the friendliest sports clubs in Cambridge, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pentathlete.

Laura Dearn


I joined pent last year initially because riding was too expensive and I wanted to get back into swimming, after competing as a child. I’d ridden loads growing up but had never had my own horse and had never ridden anything that could jump. Going from happy hacking and dressage to jumping has been an eye opener and my 3 falls at varsity certainly taught me to respect higher jumps (several bruises later). I’ve loved learning stabby stabby (aka fencing) with CUMPC and it’s amazing for stress relief/anger management! As secretary this year I’ll aim to keep up with the admin and meeting minutes, but most of all I look forward to meeting more amazing penty people! Had hoped to avoid running as much as possible but recently entered Cambridge half so may be lacking functional knees by March…

Lucy Steele


I originally joined CUMPC as I wanted a cheap way to continue swimming and riding, having been a competitive swimmer and enjoying being around animals. People were excited when I joined, having heard I could do both these two as well as my main sport of fencing. However we were all disappointed to find out I am in fact a terrible runner. I try to trade off coaching in fencing for getting people to help me run, which is one of the best parts about Pentathlon - everyone has different strengths to help each other with! As Safety Officers I mostly review our risk assessments (many) and report any injuries (trying not to have many).

Alex Moor

Armourer, Safety Officer

I joined Pentathlon in Lent term as my friend and I were looking for a varied sports club we could do together. Talking with the Pent crew at the Lent freshers’ fair, I loved how everyone had such a different background in terms of sports, but the club was working and training together to excel in all the five sports; and more, what fully convinced me to join Pentathlon were the more accessible horse riding classes (compared to those of the riding society). Having trained with the club for a few months now, I have picked up on all the five sports and I enjoy having a more flexible training program allowing you to engage as much as you want with each sport. When I joined the club, I was surprised by how welcoming everyone was and how the club had such a friendly and cosy social vibe. With my role, I hope to keep the social part of the club as fun as ever and to bring some fresh events into the coming year.

Vlad Filip

Social Secretary

I’m Flynn, I’m a second year maths student at Queens’ and I got into Pentathlon last year as a swimmer so a lot of the sports were new to me. I really enjoyed trying out shooting and fencing and although I still can’t ride I’m hoping to sort that out in the future! It’s my job as welfare officer to provide a point of contact for any welfare related concerns and to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the club. I’m always available for a chat so if you ever have any concerns don’t be afraid to get in touch!

Flynn Ryan

Welfare Officer

"The most perfect athletes are the pentathletes because in their bodies strength and speed are combined in beautiful harmony"

Were you part of CUMPC too? We would love to hear from you!

Old Blues

In the words of Anna Gibbons, Old Blues President:

“CUMPC has fantastic links with its ever growing group of alumni (or “Old Blues”, as we like to affectionately call them!). I am fortunate to be Old Blues President, which involves supporting the current CUMPC members and helping maintain the link with the alumni. The links between past and present CUMPC members are very strong, so much so we have run joint training camps abroad! We always look forward to meeting new CUMPC members throughout the year at various events, from the annual competition between current club and Old Blues, BUCS, Varsity and Annual dinner. Old Blues provide a lot of the volunteer support for these competitions and will be there cheering along from the sidelines!

I was involved in the club from 2015-2019 so know many of the recent Old Blues. I would love to hear from any alumni that wish to join our Old Blues mailing list to keep up to date with all the various events and news from the current club.”


Most frequent questions and answers

We aim to keep our membership fee as affordable and accessible as possible, so we subsidise all training sessions!

Subs for Michaelmas are set at £75. This includes all training sessions and coaching except horse riding – but don’t worry, we offer riding lessons at a 50% discount!

No, many people learn to ride when they start while others only train for Tetrathlon (run, shoot, swim, fence).

Yes! You can train for Tetrathlon and even take part in the Varsity match with the Seconds team.

Yes! Our annual Varsity match, held at Tonbridge School, is the main competition of the year and is consistently named by members as the highlight of their year.

Then just train for fun!

No, the club provides most of it! You just need trainers and swimming kit.

Welcome to CUMPC’s brand new website! It’s still in development, so if you notice any bug or want to offer some suggestions, please let us know!

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